MA in Photography
BA(Hons) in Fine Art, painting and photography
Artists' Statement
I bought my first camera from a second hand shop for 50p when I was about 7. Three and a half years, and many films later, I asked for an SLR for my eleventh birthday. I've amassed another eleven cameras since then, allowing me to use digital, polaroid, medium format and 35mm.
Despite this early and continuing interest in photography, until 1998 my main sphere of artwork was figurative painting. Since then, however, I have concentrated on photography and film-making. I am an Associate of the Royal Photographic Society, and a member of its Contemporary Group. Originally, my photographs were a celebration of the visual world, tending to abstract the small details, simplifying down to essential shapes and tones. Where people were present, they were anonymous, and usually overshadowed by their surroundings. I now work in ways that combine my other art interests (painting, drawing, digital imagery, textiles and installation work) with photography. I want to create images that look beyond photography to a different way of seeing.
I also have a passion for ice hockey, and this dominates much of my image-making on a weekly basis.

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